Tech Neck Syndrome Treatment in Omaha, NE

Tech Neck, Computer Neck, Text Neck – these are all names for a set of symptoms that occur as a result of improper posture when using technology, from smartphones to desktop computers. Tech neck is comprised of various conditions caused by the way we hold our phones and the way we sit at our computers. This syndrome can cause neck strain, migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint pain, or a rotator cuff problem. That's why our team at West Omaha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic is here to help you find relief from tech neck.

Tech Neck Syndrome treatment

You Can Avoid Tech Neck Symptoms with Better Posture

There is a very easy way to avoid neck strain from all those hours spent staring at a phone, tablet, or laptop. Support your neck by leaning back in a tall chair that reaches up to your neck. When you support the back of your neck with a recliner, you take the weight of your upper body off of your spine. Your neck muscles will feel a lot less tense as well.

Until you take this simple step to support your upper body's weight with a chair and not with your neck muscles, you are putting a massive strain on your neck. Holding your head at a 15-degree angle to see your phone is like placing a 27-pound weight on your neck. Holding your head at a 45-degree angle to see a computer screen is like putting a 45-pound weight on your neck. It is essential to realize that our bodies can handle a certain level of stress and strain, but tech neck can lead to severe issues if left untreated.

Our Chiropractors Can Help You Find Relief from Tech Neck

If you have had tech neck syndrome for so long that the discs in your cervical spine are out of alignment, then you need to see our chiropractors for adjustments that restore the natural alignment of your spine. Even if the damage from your tech neck has not progressed that far, our chiropractors can help you find noninvasive and drug-free pain relief.

Chiropractic care focuses on helping the patient with their spinal alignment.  We will assess your spine and properly locate the misalignments. Gentle adjustments will correct posture, ensure proper alignments of the head, neck, and spine, and relieve muscle stiffness and tension. Regular chiropractic care will not only decrease pain but will also improve your range of motion to get you back to moving comfortably again.

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