Tech Neck Syndrome

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What Is Tech Neck Syndrome?

Tech neck syndrome (also known as “text neck”) is a condition caused by repetitive neck strain. This is mostly due to continually looking at a cellphone, tablet, or computer. Your neck muscles work overtime by constantly contracting to hold your neck in position. Eventually, this stress leads to soreness, neck pain, and stiffness.

Symptoms of Tech Neck

We often forget how much our necks work to hold our heads up. After all, our heads usually weigh between 10-12 pounds! Over time, tech neck can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Some regularly reported symptoms include:

  • Aches in the neck, upper back, and shoulders
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Spasms across the shoulder blades
  • Neck stiffness
  • Rounded shoulders
  • General pain or pain when flexing the neck forward
  • Difficulty raising the neck to look up
  • Muscle weakness or tingling in the arms (resulting from a pinched nerve)
  • Jaw pain (caused by misalignment of the spine)

Treatment Options

Fortunately, a quick visit to your local chiropractor can help relieve tech neck symptoms. Gentle spinal manipulation and adjustment can offer almost immediate relief for patients. We also recommend therapeutic massage to help decrease stiffness and eliminate tension in the back of the neck. No surgery or medications needed!

Tips for Preventing Tech Neck at Home

There are many things you can do to prevent neck strain and neck pain from tech neck. Consider the following tips:

  • Focus on good posture when you’re walking around.
  • Recline back a little in your desk chair to lessen the stress on your neck while sitting.
  • When looking at your phone, bring it up to eye level.
  • Raise your computer or laptop monitors to eye level, so you aren’t looking down.
  • Stretch your neck muscles often.
  • Be sure to take frequent breaks from using your phone, computer, or tablet.

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