Sports Injury

Sports Injury Chiropractor in West Omaha

Whether you're an athlete or someone who just enjoys being physically active, you could benefit from chiropractic care from West Omaha Chiropractic, serving Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding region. We offer treatment for a wide range of injuries such as joints, muscles, bones and connective tissue to help relieve pain naturally while promoting healing, so you can get back into the game.

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Common Sports Injuries

One of the more common injuries that affect people is a strain or sprain in the knees, feet, and ankles, which are common body areas to receive an injury. Damage to the muscles from a muscle tearing or stretching is referred to as strains while sprains happen when ligaments twist, tear or pull apart. These injuries will cause swelling, tenderness or pain where the damage occurred. You might notice bruising around the area and in some cases, you'll be unable to move the area as much as you could prior to the injury.

How We Treat Sports Injuries

If you're having back pain, or neck pain, our chiropractor can perform a spinal alignment, also known as a spinal adjustment, to reduce your pain. Our chiropractor performs the alignment manually to relieve pressure on the surrounding tissue and nerves. The alignment also helps promote blood flow throughout the back, which has the potential to relieve swelling. The additional nutrients to the injured region from the increased blood flow help to heal the injury necessary for the healing process.

Our Omaha chiropractor may recommend massage therapy to relieve tension in the area, which has the potential to lessen your pain and discomfort. During a massage therapy session, our chiropractor performs a massage that targets regions deep inside of the tissue. The massage enhances blood flow to the injured area, and this additional blood flow brings nutrients necessary for healing, which will promote a quicker recovery. Massage therapy will soothe the injured region, so you're able to start therapy sooner.

Exercise therapy consists of our chiropractor guiding you through stretches and exercises that will increase your range of motion and function. The exercises have the potential to increase flexibility as well. Our chiropractor ensures the exercises go at a pace that's comfortable for you to speed up the recovery process.

Our chiropractor provides you with nutritional counseling, so you intake enough vitamins and minerals for your recovery. We advise you on lifestyle changes you can make for recovery as well as ways to prevent sports injuries in the future.

Make Our Omaha Chiropractor You Sports Injury Chiropractor

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