As an integral part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has proven beneficial to many chronic conditions. Enjoy the numerous benefits of massage including the alleviation of pain and stress relief.
West Omaha Chiropractic Massage Therapists work closely with the doctors to provide the best compliment to your chiropractic care and exercise protocols for your specific needs.

Therapeutic Massage is a type of massage using a kneading, direct pressure, or stroking motion to improve the underlying soft tissue. It is often used to address the trigger points in the body. The part of a muscle fiber that actually does the contracting is a microscopic unit called a sarcomere. Contraction occurs in a sarcomere when its two parts come together and interlock like fingers. Millions of sarcomeres have to contract in your muscles to make even the smallest movement. A trigger point exists when over stimulated sarcomeres are chemically prevented from releasing from their interlocked state.

Normally, when a muscle is working, its sarcomeres act like tiny pumps, contracting and relaxing to circulate blood through the capillaries that supply their metabolic needs. When sarcomeres in a trigger point hold their contraction, blood flow essentially stops in the immediate area. The resulting oxygen starvation and accumulation of the waste products of metabolism irritates the trigger point. The trigger point responds to this emergency by sending out pain signals.

Trigger point therapy breaks down scar tissue adhesions, improves circulation, and promotes the healing process.

Most people will schedule 15 min or 30 min isolation sessions. You can remain clothed or you may choose to remove your clothing at the area of concern and the therapist will use lotion. You will feel dramatic improvement in the tissue well after the treatment!

Swedish Massage is a relaxing smoothing type of massage that increases circulation and reduces stress. It is often a one hour session and lotion is used. The neck, back, upper, and lower extremities are addressed.It is important to rehydrate after this massage. Many toxins are released and need to be flushed out of the body. It is very healthy to follow a regular routine of massage work. You will feel so relaxed and ready to take on the world!