Benefits of Acupuncture

How Acupuncture Can Provide Pain Relief

Everyone occasionally suffers from pain for one reason or another. Much of the aches and pains encountered regularly can be treated by a chiropractor using acupuncture. At West Omaha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic, our chiropractors, Dr. Trevor Wagner, Dr. Julie Owen-Wagner, and Dr. Ron Evans, treat patients for a variety of ailments and sometimes they use acupuncture to provide pain relief.

Acupuncture Treatment From Your Chiropractor

There are many health benefits to receiving acupuncture treatments. The most common benefit is relieving chronic pain. Studies have shown that you may experience as much as a 15% reduction in pain after regular treatments of acupuncture. Acupuncture is most successful in treating back pain in countless patients. This applies in the case of back pain caused by unhealthy sleeping habits, unhealed injuries, and even physical stress. It isn't just effective in treating back pain, it has also been known to help relieve pain in patients' knees, especially following surgery. In addition, acupuncture is used to treat patients suffering from osteoarthritis or even just the natural process of aging.

Another health benefit of this type of treatment is reducing the risk of suffering from arthritis. While it is often treated with a daily dose of medication, many patients prefer undergoing acupuncture instead. By targeting the nerves that cause pain in various parts of the body, acupuncture can effectively take it away. The needles used during the procedure cause the release of endorphins that target the painful areas and numb the nerves that lead to discomfort.

If you suffer from migraine headaches acupuncture can also help. Not only does it lessen the pain this type of headache gives you, but it can also lessen the frequency of migraines. To relieve migraines, acupuncture needles are used on the face, scalp, and neck.

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