How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Omaha, NE

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a fairly common condition with nearly 900,000 cases reported annually. This condition occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed by the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to numbness, loss of mobility, and pain. Here at West Omaha Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic, our chiropractors can help you avoid surgery with safe and holistic carpal tunnel treatment.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel?

A misalignment in the wrist or spine are common causes of symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. But, you can also get it if you have or sustained the following conditions:

  • Fluid retention

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Sprained or fractured your wrist

  • Repetitive injury

How Does a Chiropractor in Omaha Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel treatment involves manipulating the spine and wrist to restore proper alignment. Specifically, the treatment will relieve restrictions on the nerve pathways throughout the nervous system. Once accomplished, the improved alignment of the bones allows increased circulation, reduced irritation of the tendons and nerves, restores range of motion, and provides a long-term solution to the condition. 

How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Take Before You See Any Results?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can take years to develop and sometimes goes on for years without being treated. Your recovery time will vary from others, but often you will be able to see some improvements within a few sessions. Our team will be there every step of your healing process to ensure a speedy recovery.

Start Your Carpal Tunnel Treatment Today

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