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The West Omaha Chiropractic team has been serving our local community for over 25 years. Throughout that period, we have guided countless patients through treatment and discovering a new level of health and wellness.

Our chiropractors, Dr. Trevor Wagner, Dr. Julie Owen-Wagner, and Dr. Hope Johnston understand that each individual is different, and our approach to chiropractic care varies slightly from patient to patient. Many of our patients want instant pain relief, while others might long for increased performance and longevity. Whatever your reason for visiting us, we’ll discuss your specific health issues and develop a patient-forward, comprehensive plan for achieving your goals.  

Basic Steps of chiropractic care involve:

      • Determining the true cause of your health problem
      • Recommending a suitable treatment plan
      • Involving you in your own recovery

More than anything, we strive to educate you on maintaining health and function long after you’ve achieved your initial goal. Each Omaha chiropractor in our practice has your long-term health as their top priority. Our job is to show you how to get there, but it’s always your choice as to how long and intensive you want your treatment to be. 

From TMJ to disc injuries, sports accidents to sciatica, our chiropractors are here to treat it all. Although you might think of chiropractic care solely as back adjustments, our well-rounded approach to wellness also offers multiple additional treatment modalities. Below are just a few of our additional pain-relieving and wellness options:


The acupuncture we perform is an ancient Eastern medicinal practice adapted to modern lifestyles and advances in medicine. By following meridians within the body, our chiropractor uses acupuncture to stimulate energy, improve blood flow, and decrease pain in stagnant, stuck, or stiff areas of the body. While it does involve tiny needles, acupuncture is virtually painless. You might feel a slight prick at the start, but otherwise acupuncture is designed to be calming.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy differs slightly from a standard, full-body Swedish massage. We target specific muscles to relieve tension and pressure on joints. Through manual massage therapy, we are able to break up adhesions that are blocking your mobility, prepare for adjustments, or in general relieve pain.

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If you’re interested in quality chiropractic care and the possibility of trying massage therapy, acupuncture, K-laser, or physiotherapy, it’s time you got in touch. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our services and practitioners. When you’re ready, contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Our West Omaha Chiropractors

Dr. Trevor Wagner, D.C. | Dr. Julie Owen-Wagner, D.C. 

                                  Dr. Hope Johnston, D.C. |  Dr. Mike Armour, D.C.

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